Wednesday, August 15

Wednesday, August 15, 2012... Finally, We’re On Summer Break...What Fun!!!!

We have finally completed all the formal work on the farm and can enjoy a summer break, just like all the kid’s have their summer break from school. And just like the kids on summer break still have some chores to do around the house, we still have our regular chores to do around the farm. Mowing grass, feeding and watering the animals, cleaning etc. etc., but now...we will have time to do some things we want to do for awhile. I will read and write and Vick will paint and spin yarn.....Fun, fun, fun..... Until fall.
After the weather cools to the point of my needing a flannel shirt to be comfy, Summer break will then be over. It will be time to begin the farm store construction, working in the cool temperatures. We will, in the mean time, gather some of the treated wood for the floor if we have the extra money, and then some 2x4’s later, but in any event, I picture building in October sometime.
Yesterday, we completed the very last of the planned summer projects when we finished up the two west windows in the living room. Below are some before and after pictures. Boy, does it ever make the room look like a completely different place. AND....with the little candles in the windows, it looks so cozy and inviting at night when you are out by Fort Apache, looking at that end of the house. Finally, we have removed the old man face from the living room and Vick is delighted.
On a different note, we are getting feed back from our customers about our new batch of meat birds we have been selling. The prices are right and the birds are delicious! We have received three replies from customers, all stating that they are coming back for more and they hope that we will have them available regularly. In reply to that question, I am saying yes...we will continually have these meat birds year round, along with turkeys when they are in season... (Thanksgiving and Christmas) but possibly other times too. We plan to install a cooler/freezer in the new farm store to sell poultry and cheeses and a specialty meat. The store will be fashioned after a turn of the century general store with old fashioned jarred candies, cheddar wheel cheese and all of our present merchandise. We are also going to carry all of our fiber in various stages of process, such as raw, bats, roving, yarn and knitted items, such as gloves, scarves, hats, throws, finger puppets novelties and possibly rugs. There will also be a line of fiber tools, to include spinning wheels, drop spindles, niddy-noddies, lazy kates and fiber swifts and dyes. It will be like stepping through a portal to yesteryear when you walk through the door. We will have an old style counter, paper wrap on an antique paper dispenser with a string caddy to tie packages.....and “paper pokes” to carry your merchandise home in, just as they did in the 1800’s. We plan to have a quality pot belly stove in the corner to ensure warmth and coziness in the cold months of the winter, as we will stoke the fires daily in the farm store and hospice gift shop. Yes, we are nearing completion of our dreams this fall and will spend our remaining time enjoying life, friends and customers daily.....
The before picture......
Cutting logs and removing lag bolts holding logs together....
The after.... Looks like a new room doesn't it?

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  1. Hi guys, I see you got rid of the "Eye sores" in your living room. Better for viewing too. Happy to hear you're taking a break from all your hard work. I'm looking forward to visiting your new "old fashioned shop" and the release of your new book. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Hi Margaret, As you are welcome to come over to visit anytime! Just call ahead and make sure we're here. You can come even before the store or book is done too(LOL)....and you're welcome to bring Don with you if he would like. We can sit on the rear deck and have coffee. Skip & Vick

  3. Thanks for the invite. I think Don would like to see the farm too. Still shopping around for another suv, trading in the saturn. Hope to get to visit soon.


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