Monday, September 24

Monday, Sept. 24th, 2012...Into Every Life a Little Rain Will Fall...Thank God...

There is so much of the past, present and future around us that it is hard to imagine some times. We get so tied up with daily life and things needing started, worked on, or finished, that we fail to stop and look at the big picture!
The big picture is...that this is our life...not a daily task that we need to perform, but our complete life in general. It happens every day, for yesterday makes up the fiber which will fill the cushion of our lives; all of which we will rest upon in the future, as we look back while gauging our travels with verve. With this in mind, we must add to this lively, vigorous spirit through the added enthusiasm of energy... especially in the expression of our artistic ideas and goals, which lead to more memories created daily.
We frequently look back on life with family now departed...and rejoice in the memories they created with us and you then realize the value of living a richer, fuller and meaningful life. I have relatives that lived a long life, yet I remember very little of their existence or achievements. Others come to me regularly...and some even visit from time to time. My mother comes occasionally, in several ways. Once by audible means, heard by Vick, me and the dogs... other times, less magnificent, but quite definitely marking her presence known.
Recently we have been smelling food cooking At the oddest hours...Not so odd though when you take into account that Vick asked her Dad to reveal his presence with something tangible....such as a touch, an audible message or a smell of his cooking.
Voilà... Ask and ye shall and ye shall find!
The world around us is only a thimble full of the complete picture and during our lives we only get to read a few pages of the grand book in this exciting journey that God has prepared for us. We have learned that friends and family are the most important ingredient in this pie of life...yet one must begin baking in their own kitchen. We must fulfill our silent and personal lives with ourselves first, then with our mates...along with our the extended family and finally others, such as friends and acquaintances. If you do not have a personal place within yourself to visit, you will be standing at a corner where the bus never stops. Move...move on in your life to create that special little haven where solitude, contentment and joy of the past exists...where loved ones reside and comfort is the seat of rejuvenation for your soul. Caution must be made though....for you can only visit this place to recharge your enthusiasm, for if you try to exist there permanently in this life, you will never reap the joys and pleasures of going there. You must live this life to add to that dimension...therefore trying to stay there is akin to reading a book with many missing pages...especially the ending...for it will be dark and void of being. In other words, this is the place to go to enjoy your time as you wait for that bus...When the bus arrives, you have to get on it to create your life and add to that special place. Don’t miss the bus!One of the joys of being, is that we can observe beauty around us and change our lives minutely on a daily basis. This morning, I heard geese overhead, as the ones on the pond called for them to come and visit them. I grabbed the camera and sure enough, they came. Below are some pictures of their arrival. I also snapped a pair of pictures of the computer room, which Vick has been changing around to add a comfy glow and feeling. This blog, in process, is actually visible on my computer screen at the time I took the pictures. Vick has an appointment with Jordan Su for acupuncture at 1:00 today, so I better move to get ready, have the animals fed, watered and loose by the time we must leave.
Curtains to the rear deck are cute and ones on the left hide the book shelf...

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