Sunday, September 23

Sunday, September 23, 2012...Here Today...Gone Today...In An Instant......

Sorry for such long delays between posts, but my life is a blur at times and this past week has been nothing less than just that.......A week gone up in smoke... Gone in a flash without even realizing it....doing simple things needing done. You can not appreciate the above title until you sit in front of a computer and labor over a blog post for the day and after your finished, with the touch of a key...and before your very eyes, that arduous work of art becomes a document that never existed, and will never exist again. (unless you rewrite it all over again) Well...we were planning to go to the 4th Annual Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival in Greenwich, NY and I had already spent over an hour writing instead of making ready with the farm chores to go. I was less than amused and even less jubilant over my computer skills at the moment, so instead of flipping out and ruining the rest of our day, I chose to simply turn the computer off and walk away to feed and release the animals, forgetting yesterdays blog post. SORRY......... The blog from yesterday was just a thought of mine, brought about by the reading of a book recently entitled, “Sunset of the Iroquois”. I made mention of the way our world is today, but pointed out that we’ve seen that type of behavior all our lives...from infants to adults, from animals and birds or in our history books which showed that our ancestors were as greedy and ruthless as any modern day when my document was lost yesterday....what had I really lost? In reality, I had lost nothing really! We are all sort of watching the presidential race as it becomes more and more ridiculous, but some watch more than others....and some become involved more than others.. .and finally some go off the deep end and over the edge without actually seeing how stupid and puppet-like they appear to become. We cannot really win with either candidate in this election...but we can maybe reduce the amount of damage inflicted in the next four years. See, I’m a realist...and a realist tries to see the world and all the dealings of politicians in their real light. To me you can be a “good politician” and live a rich, good life, or you can be an “honest politician” and find yourself ruined or dead. The “have’s” will always find a way to make sure that the “have not’s” never “get”! Back to yesterdays for who you want...but know that Obama wants to spread the wealth for sure.....but not his! YOURS!!! If his system would work, we would all be like him.....RICH. Everyone cannot be rich, so in the end, he will remain rich and a select few with him will become richer. All the rest of us will crash and burn in a pile of people whose wealth has been spread from us to some other, higher echelon group.....closer to the now rich Obama. Period. Can Romney be trusted? I don’t know.... Can Romney turn this thing around? I don’t know.... What I do know is that your vote and mine may be the ones to limit the damage inflicted over the next four years, so to me it’s not an issue of Romney winning the’s the issue of keeping Obama from getting back in. I think Kermit the frog might be a better speculate at this point.............. Okay then....that blog was lost, so lets forget it... We made it to the fiber festival yesterday and as I figured...every time we past a horse trailer, a gray truck or some of the places we used to stop with Isabelle, we were both reminded of how much we miss her. She was like a big sister to us both and in a way, none of these events will ever be the same again. (unless she is here to visit when we go again) We did get to see Louise Walsh of Evergreen Farms in Taunton, Massachusetts. She’s a dear friend we see when we get to fiber festivals. We bought some of our Angora bunnies from Louise. She is the lady who developed the “Walsh Giant” on her rabbit farm through select breeding and years of genetic know how. Her bunnies are very sweet and provide great fiber for spinning. We saw a lot of things and even won a pair of woven, fingerless angora gloves donated by Alpacas of Breezy Hill Ranch. (owned by Lisa & David Proulx) We had a perfect day that was highlighted by a spectacular dinner on the way home when we stopped in Troy, NY at a restaurant we often passed, but never tried. It is called Plum Blossom Restaurant and is on Route 7, going east through Troy. It is the BEST!!!!!! They serve Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine to die for. Vick thought it might just be the best she’s ever had too. I know I have never had better General Tso’s chicken anywhere in my life!!!!! It was the perfect end to a perfect day.
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