Monday, September 17

Monday, September 17, 2012...The Many Twists, Turns and Barrel Rolls of Life...

Seldom do you have good friends....Seldom if ever do you have best we find it unique that we have six people we consider “best friends!” Some we see once every few years, like Robin and Ken, who were just visiting from Georgia. Others we see on a regular basis...perhaps daily or weekly like it has been with Lynda, Judy or Isabelle and Ralph. Usually these friendships remain unchanged and life marches on between visits...but last Thursday, life changed for us...dramatically, which has had us both mixed in our emotions of the event. Ralph and Isabelle, the oldest and first...of all our “best” friends that we met shortly after moving here, retired and moved to Florida, where they usually resided in the winter months. The difference is now they are going to be permanent Florida residents....coming back here occasionally to visit if they can. We are thrilled for them to be able to finally live in Safety Harbor, Florida where they can enjoy the beauty and wonderful weather in contrast to the cold and snow here in the winter, but we hate that they left, because our selfish side wanted them to stay here with us. We love them like family and will miss them daily, for it was easy to pop down to Coxsackie and go to lunch or dinner...spend the day dying fiber or working with the Alpacas and going for our regular “road trips” to Vermont and then over into Washington County (New York). It’s strange how God works things though, because last year, Isabelle introduced us to Phil and Shelly...another couple who just moved here full time and has Alpacas. We all became good friends and I believe Phil and Shelly are on their way to filling the “next door void” left by Isabelle and Ralph as new best friends. Isabelle and Ralph will ALWAYS be our oldest best friends from here and Isabelle will hop a plane to come stay with us for a bit, now and then, when she needs a Skip & Vicki fix, so we can handle their moving to Florida. We both hate that Isabelle is so very far away from us now, but that is our problem...and we can deal with it as long as Isabelle is happy where she is. We can email and send pictures daily if necessary or desired. We miss her already................ We are now so close to fall, that we can actually smell and taste it. That special fragrance is in the air and becoming stronger by the day. Remember how I always said that fall presented itself with it’s own calling card? You can only smell this fragrance at this very time of the year and I can remember it from my childhood. It smells like Halloween...the crackling corn stalks in the glimmer of a full moon as it peeks in and out from behind swiftly moving clouds. It’s the chill you feel as you snuggle and pull your shoulders up around your you draw in a huge breath of autumn scented air. Autumn has a slightly changing smell as all the dying summer foliage and plants begins to change. You have apple, corn, hay, leaves and everything else changing, blending their odors as they create that wonderfully special Thanksgiving harvest smell. It is now that we can don a flannel shirt and work around the farm, enjoying the crisp air that makes it easy to breath and work without sweating profusely as we have the last several months. We can now work on the farm store, starting with a solid footing and floor. Once in place, we can erect the walls ceiling an roof. Until then we can work inside without worry of overheating too, and somewhere soon, we can house all our farm products in one room to offer our customers an 1800’s, turn of the century styled store. This will be the fun project for Vick and I. strong>If you like what we talk about and the pictures we show, why not become a follower? Join at the left by clicking on "Join this site". Also, feel free to leave a message anytime about anything I write. Skip

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