Sunday, September 30

Sunday, September 30, 2012...Busy, Busy, Busy...and Getting Nowhere Fast...

Well, that’s how it seems anyway since I have been working on our websites for three full days nonstop. (both and )
Though it seems like I’m getting is evident that things are coming along nicely with a complete deletion of and the creation of a completely new Nature’s Friend’s of Hospice, Inc site. I am also completely revising the Cluckin A Critter Farm site to remove old content and insert new.
It has been keeping me busy at the computer screen, but who cares, because it has been raining for the last two days anyway.
We do have a melodrama out on the Pupskill Mill Lake Pond though. We have the entire melodrama characteristics of a romantic plot that is interspersed with musical numbers performed by others and their music accompanies the action. You must admit...those are the ingredients necessary for a great melodrama. It seems the players are as follows:
A female Canadian wild goose on the lake with a broken (or injured) wing. She stays here all day long, unable to leave, of course because of the injury. Each morning and evening a gaggle of eight more geese fly in and visit the pond. To the cheering of seven background geese, one lone male (we believe it is the females mate) swims over to the injured goose and they communicate by loud honking and methodical head movements, as if talking to one another. They swim around after that for awhile, before the flock again squabble and squawk...and then lift off and fly away, leaving the injured one to herself again. Our Doodles is of no company to her, for he (or she) is oblivious to her own kind, desiring instead to hang with the barn yard ducks. The strange thing is that it happens every morning and evening. Last evening Vick made a discovery....for it seems the injured goose will begin to call loudly, several minute prior to the flocks if she is actually summoning them to come. It sounds like a long lost lover, along the coast, calling for her long lost love to return from the sea.
Vick is going to wait until we have a nice evening (without rain) and she will video tape the entire episode for us to put on a you-tube display here. I’ll get some still shots with the D50 camera. Stay tuned.

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