Thursday, October 4

Thursday, October 04, 2012…We’re Back and Frustrated as Can Be…AGAIN!

I just recovered from a lousy, rotten, good for nothing slime ball’s attack on my computer which rendered me helpless on Monday morning. It is the infamous FBI Moneypak Virus / Malware package that got past all three of my programs to stop and trap such attacks. It not only got past the three protection programs, but went so far as to cripple my computer…baffling Norton, as to how to remove it. In one fail swoop, after reading an email request to place a link on our blog, (which I wouldn’t do anyway) it struck. The screen lit up with an official looking FBI document informing me I was looking at porn and therefore, my computer was locked out and would not work again until I paid the $200.00 Fine to Moneypak by credit card. It informs you that if you do not pay, you will be jailed for 1 to 8 years… Duh… cut me some slack. Do they think you’re an idiot and will simply enter your credit card number so they can max the Card out? Some folks maybe do…It scares the be-jeepers out of lots of people…I saw that when I went online with Vick’s computer to seek information about this unheard of attacker. NOTHING you do can get rid of it…Norton was clueless after a few attempts. It disables the task manager, won’t let you do a restore, won’t let you restart in safe mode to eliminate the virus reload when you re-boot and many other more technical fixes I tried. It deleted my registers; any program initiation and connection data so I couldn’t open any help programs or get on-line. After trying to salvage everything for two days, I trashed the computer and started over. Thank goodness I could download most of the important files and data, such as web page files, etc. and I just finished reloading all of them and getting things back to a semblance of order. I would however love to know that the U.S. Justice Department might be interested in tracking these low life butt holes and bringing them to justice for messing up people’s lives...and on-line businesses. Below is the you-tube video of the geese coming to see the one with the broken wing. You can hear her calling and then in a short while...they all come in for their landing to visit a while before leaving right at dusk. Amazing… to us at least.
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