Thursday, September 13

Thurs., Sept. 13, 2012......We’re Back From A Short Vacation With Friends...

We are back! Gone were we for a week, as of today...a week of relaxation and chatting...running and seeing...laughing and reminiscing...and eating way too much.
We took our friends Robin and Ken all over the place, showing Ken the sights of the north. He is originally from Georgia and has never been this far north before, so we made sure he got to see New York and a little of Vermont, as best he could, in the short week we had him here. Robin used to live in New Jersey and has visited us before....before she and Ken met, so it was just a routine visit for her.
We dined at some of our favorite the Hollow Brook and Pegasus, but both Robin and Ken are great cooks, so they made us all a little fatter by cooking some great foods right here.
We spent time in Upstate New York and ate at the Burger Den.....went to Catskill, Coxsackie and several other towns like Schoharie, taking in an art show and eating original New York Pizza in Middleburg. We had breakfast at the Freehold Country Store and The Sparboro in Coxsackie. We took a day to walk around in Woodstock, entering all the head shops and watching all the STRANGE PEOPLE there.
The best of all was the time we spent just goofing off around the house, playing with the dogs, watching the farm animals and fishing in our pond. Ken, Vick and I all caught a ton of fish....returning them all unhurt to be caught again another day. Vick caught the largest one, which measured about twelve inches and weighed maybe three pounds.
We spent a lot of evenings watching Tru TV... Pawn Stars, Storage wars and such...but we did also go for ice cream and sometimes just collapsed from being on the go from the time we got up until the sun went down. It was a good week of visiting with good friends too, as we got to introduce Ken and Robin to a bunch of our other friends. Yesterday we had them back to LaGuardia by eleven something to catch their plane at 12:59 and all went well on their return flight. In fact, they got to talk to and shake hands with one of the two finalists from the Master Chef cook off show we had just watched the night before! He was on the same flight back to Atlanta.
When we left them at LaGuardia, we made a bee-line back to Greenville, arriving in Kingston by 1:55, where we ate lunch and then returned home to awaiting doggies. After we let them out to do their business, we took a run to Isabelle and Ralph’s to pick up some more hay and electric fencing. (We really wanted to spend a few minutes with them, because they are closing on their house and leaving for Florida permanently today)
They sold their farm in Coxsackie and will live in Florida full time, but Isabelle and Ralph have been given the perpetual invitation to come back and stay here as they visit us and other friends in the area. I know Isabelle will fly into Albany and come to stay occasionally so she can spin and dye fiber with Vick or just spend some time every now and then in the summer. (a good time to escape the Florida heat!)
We have to go pick up some furniture from their place this morning and deliver it to another friend, bringing a sofa home to here, so I better get moving.
Today is the last we will see them for awhile and we want to make sure to see them.

"The Blues Brothers" 
Taking a  break in front of the head shop in Woodstock.

Outside the head shop in Woodstock.....
The "Headshop"

Vick and Ken haulin' fish out left and right.....

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