Sunday, October 7

Sunday, October 07, 2012… Fall is Coming and We’re Gonna Be Ready This Time…

We worked out in the garden a little bit while we were waiting  for Tip-Top Furniture to deliver our new dinning room table yesterday afternoon. I cut all the sunflower stems off , whether they were standing erect or not…whether they had seeded heads or not, because it didn’t really matter. I cut the heads off all the stalks and left them there for the birds and squirrels to feast on anyway. It was comfortable working weather, but I must say…old man winter is toying with us. He’s slinking around in the shadows of fall, just blowin’ his frigid breath right past the fall weather, creating a chill in our bones. This is my kinda weather though! Any time I can go out wearing a flannel shirt and work comfortably…it’s my kind of weather.
I’m looking forward to my operation of November thirteenth…but in a way, I hate to lose my fall to being laid up for a few weeks. It will be bad enough that Vick and some friends will have to take care of the farm for a few weeks until I get back on my feet…errrr, legs…errrr, one leg and stub…errrr, leg and fake prop or whatever you call it. Ahhhhh, wait…my old and new leg, perhaps!
Anyway, I’ll sure enjoy not having this crumby knee pain afterwards. I don’t even care if I have a different pain, as long as it’s not that lightning fast stab…like an ice pick plunged into the center of my knee and then that pulsing spasm which always follows. I plan to do as well as my Mom did when she had her's replaced at seventy two and the second knee a little later, at seventy three. The Doctor told her she would have to wait a year before doing the second knee, but she wanted it done within a month of the first one….and finally bugged the doctor  to complete it within six months, against the doctors recommendation, I believe! She had no trouble at all and my poor ol’ Dad couldn’t keep up with her in stores after she had the replacements and threw her two canes away. She was a tough old girl…fighting cancer since she was but forty-three years of age. She fought well for thirty-five years, before it finally claimed her life at the still young age of seventy-eight. Considering her strength and resolve for life and my Dad’s age of eighty-five and still going, I expect to be finished and back to building and farming in short order. And why not…for I have a ton of things to do and it’s not fair to expect Vick to do them for me……just with me!

Below is the picture of the new and old dining room table…I like the new much better and think it fits the room décor better. How about you?
This is the old diningroom table...too modern for the room.
This is the new table...Just right for the decor of the room.....
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