Wednesday, October 10

Wednesday, October 10, 2012…Memories From The Past Haunt The Future…

Yes, memories from years past are now haunting my present with the threat of what is to come. The leaves are no longer green and the winds are no longer warm and inviting. There is a chill in the air that causes you to pull your collar around your neck a little tighter and wish you possibly had a scarf to rely upon. All these things we see now…we remember from years past and we can see the writing on the wall. We have endured these conditions before and just as the creatures of nature can tell, we also know what is coming. It seems the squirrels are earnestly gathering their winter store of acorns and walnuts…stashing them in empty knotholes or “planting” them for future retrieval. (All of which will be forgotten…hence the term, “God’s little gardeners of the trees”)  
What is to come is not all bad however, for we remember good things that accompany the fall’s arrival. We remember Thanksgiving and Christmas….New Years and the beauty of the coming snow…even though we must also remember the cold and uncomfortable times of winter along with all that beauty. I like to search for a positive that will counteract every negative, when thinking about the winter as I get older. I know that since we are retired and we have plenty of time to get to the barn to feed and water the animals, it is less stressful than the hustle and bustle of having to get work on time, so dealing with snow fall is not nearly as abhorred and appalling as in years past.
Many times we choose to trudge on foot across paths to the barns; for we can walk to where we need to be to feed the animals and we have four wheel drive vehicles to go to the store when we need to. With the exception of visitors coming…we have adopted the say that God dropped the snow here for our enjoyment…and he will take it away when he was ready. That didn’t work well though, for there was always someone getting stuck in the driveway…people that weren’t smart enough to buy a four wheel drive car even though they chose to live in the north! Go figure!!!!!
Once you can get yourself accustomed to accept this approach and take on the attitude that it comes…and it goes…all we have to do is deal with it and you can actually enjoy winter and simply stay where you can keep warm. We go out and do what we have to and then return to the pellet stove, keep warm, look out the window and enjoy winter life until spring arrives. (Hard to do when you must leave home to make a living, I know…but retirement is coming for you too.) 
The day before yesterday I finished the fire pit that I made for Vick so she could do her cauldron of mulled apple cider for the Hospice gift shop opening on October 20th. Previously, I dug a hole about three feet across and six inches deep, poured three inches of concrete and smoothed it off. This will be where Vick will build her fire for heating the cider. I inserted a post and made a wrought iron gusset hanger with a chain to hang her cauldron of cider on and then welded up a metal grate, on legs, to be used over a bed of coals. She can alter the height of the chain for the hanging cauldron, so the cider stays warm and she will use a ladle to serve from it. (Kind of a Halloween thing I guess….) Anyway, she asked for it and I made it for her.
She worked on installing the plastic covers on the windows of both barns to keep the winds which are ever growing colder from entering the barns. The chickens will forever be grateful to her for that as the evenings get colder and colder.
Yesterday, I removed the pool pump and hoses from the pool which was shut down weeks ago. I’ll place them in the storage building until next summer. We cleaned out the building late in the evening to make a place for the old dining room table and chairs, along with the pool pump. We’ll keep the table there until we sell it.
Today, we’ll put those things neatly in the storage shed, along with the cushions from the deck chairs and lounge. We put them under the rear deck roof last evening to keep them dry since it might rain today.
I again spent all of last evening on the computer, with Vick on hers, running offense with Norton. My computer hasn’t been right since I got that FBI Moneypak virus from a blog email. I crashed the computer last week and reloaded my hard drive disc, trashing everything in the computer and starting all over again, but a bug was still included with some of my return files I saved. It was internal, so none of you got it…It dealt with something missing from IE, so I trashed that crapper anyway and went to Foxfire. WOW…I really have speed now!
Anyway, that’s what has been going on with us… Today, we whittle away at our list of “to do’s before winter”…errrr, more importantly my knee replacement date.

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