Sunday, October 21

Sunday, October 21, 2012…The Weekend Tally Is In for Hospice…

This evening at six o’clock, we closed the doors on a weekend opening which turned out pretty good for having the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool festival as our competition! We made $467.58 for the hospice program…although we had very few patrons visit the shop. The ones who did however were more than generous and willing to purchase items for themselves and as gifts for the coming Christmas holiday. We met a few new friends and took an order for a Thanksgiving turkey, which now only leaves us with one unaccounted turkey at this point. We served hot mulled and spiced apple cider…beans and franks and hot dogs along with lots and lots of popcorn. It was a good way to lazily spend the weekend and raise money for hospice too. A most rewarding feeling, to say the least!
    Tomorrow, we'll revert back to the regular ol' farm life we usually lead....
    We plan to open the gift shop every weekend...Saturdays and Sundays until the weather turns cold and no one is interested in coming anymore, so if you're in the area....stop in.  

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