Tuesday, October 23

Politics…Politics…And Life Goes On…Thank Goodness for Seasons and Art……

Did you watch the presidential debate? Uh…Huh…Nuf said…Because someone will win, and someone will lose…BUT…America will most likely fall through the cracks in the interim…as it most always does.

Wow, we’re moving in a frigid direction these days. The nights are cold…dipping into the low thirties and only reaching into the fifties during the day. That can only mean one thing. We are directly on track with the seasons. Last evening we went to get a fly swatter to defend ourselves from the onslaught of those little housefly critters that were seeking refuse (and feeding on us) in the warmth of the house. Upon leaving the dollar store, I had my window down and a chilling wind blew across us in the car. We were immediately whisked back to Halloween seasons from years ago…for me, back as far as my memory could take me…with a chill and shutter I have only felt at this time of the year. In fact, I could immediately imagine the rattling leaves of a big ol’ oak tree as the wind whistled across those chattering leaves, as the moon peeked through them and a huge chill crept down my neck. I remember these times as though they all happened just last night…

Now as I look out across the back yard, to the Pupskill…I see happy ducks, dotting the entire surface of the lake. I also see zillions of leaves floating among the ducks, evidence to where all those leave from the naked trees in the background have gone. It also only further supports our position in the seasons...telling me that snow is not too far away!

I’m glad that we have the majority of our winterizing finished here on the farm…for I will be out of commission for a few weeks in just another 21 days. The surgeon will operate on the thirteenth of next month, to replace one of the two major problems that is keeping me from delving into the many things which both Vick and I want to accomplish yet. Once my knee is replaced and I’m back to normal, we’ll finish the farm store, the tool/welding shed and finally make a little building on the lake to loiter in. It will supply a place for fishing rods, a place to paint and write or simply lounge and watch the ducks and water… just kicking back to enjoy our lives here.  

It will be then that we can enjoy traveling about, taking small day trips, when the seasonal attractions happen or the urge hits us.

We were pleased with our weekend opening of the Hospice Gift Shop. We raised almost $500.00 and had a good time meeting some new people and some that always return to support hospice. To all we say thank you!

We had many comments about the two pictures donated by Elli Steffen, from Woodstock, NY. They are entitled “Sisters” and “Annie Saves A Bird” and have both been highlighted in several prestigious gallery showings around NY. 
Sisters was about two siblings which she based her painted series about. The "Annie Saves A Bird" was about Annie DiLeo...a lady that helped Jon Katz manage his Bedlam Farm for awhile in Washington County. The bird she saved was a Baltimore Oriole chick that fell out of the nest. She replaced the chick to allow the mother to take care of it and Ellie painted the picture because the event moved her so. 
Both Elli and her late husband Bernard, have their work available in many venues within the art world. Elli also has her own gallery in Woodstock, NY and visits are available by appointment, so call her.

Ellie Steffen at The Dog House Gallery in Woodstock....

A copy of the Varga Gallery web page...
The actual picture of Annie Dileo holding the Oriole chick...

Ellie Steffen's "Annie Saves A Bird", is in our gift shop

Ellie Steffen's "The Sisters", displayed in our gift shop

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