Tuesday, October 16

Tuesday, October 16, 2012…Time March On, Waiting For No One… (Unless you’re A politician)

Since the last post, many things have happened…most of which will not be of interest to most of you! One thing was the obvious success of our friend, Spring Kelsey Van Vechten’s "Salon 255" event, known County wide as “Pink Up The Town” and “Fight Like A Girl” to beat breast cancer. She has raised over $7500.00 this summer to help find a cure, using the “Pink Up The Town” event along with her other event called, “Pink Up The County 2012 Charity Bike Run”, which took place on September 9th. We went down and participated in the gala event and even had our hair tinted pink showing support for the cause. We were only two among the many men, women and kids that dyed their hair in some manner of support. The price for dying went to the cause….Springs shop kept none of it… Below is a few pictures of a brave man who isn’t afraid to wear pink to show his support for such a worthy cause……LOL… We have been working to get Gladys…our resident, injured Canadian goose to trust us and let us feed her. Our hopes are that if she cannot fly anymore because of her injured wing, she will enter the barn at night like Doodles does to prevent being made a meal by a predator during the night when the pond is frozen over. During the day, there will be little reason to think a coyote or fox would enter the fields, because Max, out Llama is always on guard and vigilantly watching everything that happens on the farm premises. Below is a blurry animated GIF I made of Vick hand feeding Gladys yesterday afternoon. We will continue to work with her to get her to stay in the barn in the evenings where it is safe. Today, I have an appointment at the Bone and Joint center to go over rehab data to take place after my total knee replacement on November 13th. I believe I know what is involved and will not need them…because if I can do it myself here…I will. If not, there is a professional rehab just four miles down the road in Greenville. I anticipate no trouble at all, unless I die during the operation…then that wouldn’t be very good or even according to the plan we have now…

Real Men DO Wear Pink!!!

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