Saturday, October 13

Saturday, October 13, 2012…Join us at "Pink Up The Town...It's Awsome!!……

This is Spring...Our Sponsor

Here is the events poster
Yes, the frost was definitely on the pumpkin…and everything else around the country side this morning. The temperature at seven-thirty was all the way down to 19 bone rattling degrees! I promised to post pictures of Vick and my work in the hospice gift shop, but I opted to wait until this morning to shoot them under natural light, rather than in the dark. The pictures seem to come out better in the natural daylight. We had the large Elli Steffen pictures entitled, “Sisters” and “Annie Saves A Bird”, which were hard to display in a manner that allowed the shopper to completely appreciate the artistic beauty of the pictures until we came upon the idea to hang them from the ceiling. Now they do not obstruct the view of anything else and they are right out front, to be enjoyed from all angles of viewing. We received a lot of Mosaic items on Thursday from Paula, who owns Exc'elle Mosaic Designs, located right along route 32 near Freehold, NY. She dropped off a bunch of beautiful mosaics, including signs, a vase, a circular tabletop candle arrangement and a birdbath…and some others. Isabelle, Lynda, Judy, Joan, Lee and some other close friends are always donating things too. Our opening is still set for October the 20th, from 1 to 6 PM and we will still be supplying popcorn, hot dogs and warm mulled apple cider for all in attendance. Every day we see the eight Canadian wild geese coming in to visit Gladys…, the injured one. I wonder how long it will be before they desert her for their trip south this year. She cannot fly, so she is destined to stay here. There is little to fear as long as she can spend the nights on the lake, but once it is frozen over, she will be easy prey to a fox or coyote which can then cross our frozen lake at will, rendering the fencing ineffective until the spring thaw. We are undecided as to what we should do, try to get Gladys to join Doodles in the barn at night and return her to the outdoors during the daytime, or call a state rehab agency to come and get her to maybe treat her broken wing. Our fear is that we were told they will simply put her down and she deserves far more than that. Doodles goes out every day…all day...and flies from the barn to the lake, so I know he can leave with the friends of Gladys if desired, but Doodles stays here. Perhaps Gladys will allow us to welcome her to the barn at night too. We don’t care if her wing droops or not. We’ll love her and feed her just the same. As long as she comes into the barn at night, she will be safe and can live her life. (Actually in luxury!!!) Today… we will go to Coxsackie to help in the celebration called “Pink up the Town”, which our friend Spring is sponsoring at her “Salon 255” business. Both Vick and I will have a strand of our hair colored pink to join the 3rd Annual Fundraising Event which Spring sponsors to fight breast cancer. I have no problem joining in, wearing pink and “fighting like a girl” for this worthy cause! Check out the link to Spring’s site above and you can see some of the planned events for the day in Coxsackie, New York. 
Below are pictures of the hospice gift shop, ready for the Oct. 20th opening.... Also a few of the farm and Gladys....
When the frost is on the pumpkin.....
Frost in the barnyard in the early morning
Fall seems to have arrived....
Gladys...our injured visitor...see her wing?
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