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Christmas is nearing and can be felt almost everywhere you go. Not by me of course…I see it on TV as I occupy my usual spot on the couch and the Hallmark channel works their ploy of driving everyone into the Christmas frenzy by the beginning of December. It all starts (by design) on black Friday and continues full bore until Christmas Eve.

People like Vick who are out and about, are force fed Christmas in every store…in every mall or mall parking lot as people hustle and bustle about carrying packages…spending money like Obama.
This is the first blog post I made in my kindle and I am constantly amazed how cool and wireless the world has become. I would have never dreamed that I could sit on the sofa, think and write, download it to the regular computer, or email it, or just post to my regular blog whenever or where ever I happen to be at the time.
I am looking out the window, seeing the pretty snowflakes, watching the wind rattle the trees and instantly I was whizzed back to many such days which I encountered over my sixty odd years. It was then that the question rushed into my mind...where has my life gone to so fast? Little time in pondering an answer to my question was required before I came to the conclusion! Wrong roads...MANY wrong roads.

Life is to be lived ...and I lived mine! I lived mine in such a reckless manner that it actually turned out mimicking a school book, a book from the school of hard knocks. If there were grades to this school, I surely made it to grade forty-three at least, considering the first twelve didn't official years didn't do it. It took another forty-three until I finally decided to retire, move from the problem area and start anew. I finally got it right and found the love of my life...trusted fully in her and God, surrounding myself with those worthy of my love and friendship...distancing myself from the rest. Life is now good!

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