Sunday, November 25

Was it ever cold here this morning…and snowing; things I enjoy, but cannot partake of just yet. I’m progressing daily with more and more walking between rest periods, but the leg muscles are still sore and healing. I still cannot sit too long, which I blame on the staples and pulling of the muscle and skin, but have an appointment with the Doctor on Tuesday, so maybe he will remove them. Vick thinks it will be more like twenty days, so I’m not holding much hope for their removal since it will only be fourteen days after the surgery. We’ll see.
We are now in the time period I knew I would hate…being laid up and not being able to do much of anything, leaving all the work at the barn and around the house up to Vick, who runs from morning to night taking no time for herself. It makes me feel like a one of those leaching lazy hubbies that uses every excuse to have the wife do everything. This makes me hate those kinds of guys even more than before.
There is certainly not much I can report, for we are going nowhere…I’m seeing nothing and neither is Vick, since she is on the go and busy doing everything. Everything looks the same from a sofa everyday…believe me.

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