Monday, November 5

During one of our jaunts this evening, we took a picture or two of the stream coming from our, “Pupskill Lake”. It is simply a run-off stream from a few other ponds and lakes above us geographically, but has no formal name. We decided that was a bummer and gave our little stream flowing into and out of our lake the “Pupskill Bay Lake Pond Stream”. So…if you call it the Pupskill, it flows all the way to the Catskill. Get It? Cute, huh?
About a hundred yards above where this picture shows the water starting is the dam for our lake. 

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  1. Hi Guys, I'm lovin the new colors and background of your blog. As always, I'm excited to read about the farm animals and love the pics. Been busy with trying to reach my family and friends downstate after Sandy. Though some have lost almost everything, they are all accounted for. I am sending you love and good wishes for a quick recovery from your surgery. If I can help in any way, give me a call. M


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