Tuesday, November 6

This morning started off at 28°, with ice forming on the Pupskill Bay Lake Pond. That had to be a bummer for Gladys…sitting out there on that frosty bank, watching the open water firming up in front of her. I sure hope she starts to come into the barn again in the evenings before it freezes over enough to hold the weight of a predator which may come calling in the night! Here is Gladys this morning.
I felt sorry for Gladys, but she could go into the barn...

I’m going to start highlighting some of Vick’s creations here on the blog when she has something new to show you. Today will be her NEWEST creations for sale. They are needle-felted Dog Angels and Kitty Angels made from the fiber of our own animals here on the farm. Below is a front view of each. She chose this idea because all of our animals on the farm are actually angels…angels of mercy that give her and I what we have craved our entire lives. Tranquility and happiness………
Puppy Angel.....
Kitty Angel...
She starts with a clump of fiber, gently poking a felting needle into the mass to begin forming a shape, which ultimately ends up as a Dog Angel or a Kitty Angel.

We have made other fiber animals which we sell in kit form, giving a person a starting point for making their own creations. Each kit includes the felting needles, colored fiber, a foam block to work upon and instructions with pictures to create the animal you choose. There is more than enough fiber to complete your first project and afterwards, you still have the tools necessary to create more and more by simply buying bulk fiber and using your imagination. To order any of Vick’s felted animals, just click on THIS LINK and you’ll be directed to our regular web site. 

Okay, we’ll be gone for awhile this afternoon, because I have to go to St. Peters for Pre-op testing of some kind. Perhaps, I’ll post again this evening when we return. 

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