Saturday, November 3

I started this morning out by putting the hospice gift shop signs out on my way to GNH Lumber, where I picked up the trim pieces for Judy’s bathroom. We’re going over to finish this evening when we close up the shop at 4:00…or after dark when we put the animals away.
Anyway, here is a picture of the Signs I put out this morning.
Vick is spinning alpaca fiber into yarn. Lots of people find this interesting and say it takes them back in time to when people used to make clothing this way. It is captivating to watch someone spinning the raw fiber into a uniform little thread, which is then doubled, spun into a twist, which makes it become a plied yarn. The next step is knitting or weaving it into a piece of clothing. Cool!!!!!!!!
Spinning fiber into yarn in the hospice gift shop....

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