Sunday, November 4

Cold weather & time took it's toll on flowers at the gift shop...

Hummmm, turned the clocks back an hour…brought in some wood pellets and filled the stove…looked out at the thermometer…YIKES, 38° and the wind is blowing. I guess there might be some creditability to their claim of snow with this nor’easter coming up along the coast again. They are predicting snow during this wondrous event, which is much more than any of the residence of NYC need right now. They’ve all had enough in NYC, Jersey and Virginia…
 We worked at Judy’s yesterday after we closed the shop at four. We got her wall exhaust fan/light in and are now ready to put the wall covering on and set the medicine cabinet. That will complete our part and she will finish up by painting the ceiling and remaining walls. It looks pretty good. Here are a few pictures of the progress. Excuse the dirt from cutting drywall and wood.

We replaced the entire floor & linoleum due to bad wood.
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