Monday, November 5

Vick and I went to my doctor’s appointment this morning. Well…I guess it wasn’t really an appointment, in the sense of the word…as much as it was clearance from him to okay my coming surgery. Once there, we found out we had a bunch of other things to do to get ready, like seeing a cardiologist on the 9th (since I had 2 MI’s in 1995) and pretesting tomorrow at St. Peters Hospital. Bummer! Hate these things…Just chop off the leg, replace the knee and let’s get on with things….. No Drama! Everyone’s doing it all the time now.
Anyway, along the way…we snapped a bunch of pictures which I will post as we go along throughout the day. 

Here are a few pictures of the little white church around the corner from our house. We listen to their music on Sunday mornings as they beckon their members to worship and Sunday school.

Here are a few of the lovely mountain streams flowing past us. All these are within a mile of our house… The deer, when you see them are a common…everyday occurrence. Nothing special here about deer; not at any time of the day or night!

The deer....Oh yes, we have deer day or night! Looking at the beautiful forests we have, is it any wonder? More to come....

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