Thursday, November 1

 We took an afternoon ride to The Original Appleby’s for animal feed and wood chips. We always enjoy our visit to Alan and Liddy’s feed store because it’s like stepping back in time. I forgot to snap a picture inside, but sometimes...people don’t like having their pictures taken or pictures taken within their businesses. I’d have to ask Liddy and Alan if they minded first.  Anyway, here is the inside of the feed storage area...
November 1st, Halloween is over and these guys remain. Ah-ha…we’ll simply refer to them as Thanksgiving pumpkins now, for that day is not long off! Wow…speaking of not far off, my surgery is just 12 days away and I haven’t heard from the hospital yet. I have an appointment with my Dr. on the 5th for clearance. I then need to schedule when to go to the St. Peters Hospital for pre-surgical testing. The surgery is firmly scheduled for the 13th of this month. I’ll be posting from the hospital on my Kindle fire…once the drugs wear off and I’ll only be there three days until I’m on my way home.

I can’t wait. The operation and pain thereafter will be a bitter/sweet thing I’m looking forward to, because once the incision pain is gone, it’s uphill from there on…  


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