Thursday, November 1

Early this morning, I moseyed out to release Doodles and feed Gladys since she didn’t come into the barn for the evening. This is bad if she doesn’t want to be in there anymore, because freezing weather is coming and the pond will freeze allowing predators to simply walk into the pasture where Gladys stays. We hope she comes in when it gets colder or that we will actually be able to walk her in if the pond freezes over. We could do so by casting a rope across the pond and walking the rope to the end, Vick on ones side and me on the other, forcing her off the ice. We can then walk her into the barn. (We hope)
On the way back into the house, I got this shot.
 Chicks and Chickadees…they all meet at the bird feeder for seeds. The chickadees are lucky though…for they can also dine on the suet blocks that the woodpeckers love too.  Putty Tat has an undeterred habit of waiting under the feeder for an unsuspecting birdie to let its guard down.

Also, if this isn’t the height of insolence and about as arrogant as Obama…I don’t know what is! This guy is less than four feet from the feeder where the chickens are pecking seeds and the Chickadees are hovering above. Perhaps its stupidity…and he will soon die as a result of it!

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