Thursday, November 1

We always show the animals of the farm in pictures we post to the blog, but seldom do you see the dogs and cats of the Cluckin’ “A”, except in passing. We have our outside farm life and then there is our inside life, which includes the dogs and cats. They are actually part of the family…..our resident kids, if you will. They share our home and everything else within the house. They also have their own places within the house. One will curl up here; one snuggles up there…and seldom is their “spots” infringed upon by one another.
Casey Mae...


Snavely Mill

Putty Tat and Dutchess....
 The cats…Kaylee, Callie and Putty Tat, actually go where they want, sleep where they want and don’t care if a spot belongs to another or not. Occasionally the cats will go out with the dogs to do their business before bed……and just as the dogs come in all excited…so do the cats. Sometimes I call them kitty-dogs, rather than the usual kitty-cat. The cats will lay among the dogs in the computer room as if they too are dogs and when I say, “It’s time for bed…who wants to go to bed?, Callie is sometimes the first one to the bedroom, followed closely by Dutchess. Like I said, they’re all part of the family!

Callie...the sister of Kaylee

Putty Tat.....Daughter of Kaylee

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