Wednesday, October 31

 This morning I entered the barn and opened the back door to find Gladys standing there ready for something to eat. I allowed her to enter the center part of the barn and closed the door behind her so she could stay in the barn to feed on whole corn for a few minutes before leaving her out with Doodles and the rest of the ducks. She is very comfortable in the barn now and doesn’t give it a second thought when I close the door and she is inside.
She ate her fill and I let her out again to join in on the daily “pond games” of the ducks.
I moseyed on out the line after releasing the Royal Palm Heritage turkeys and then the Broad Breasted Whites we are raising for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Finally getting to the two gates which closed off the turkey run, I opened the first…and then the second to be met by the crew shown below. 
 It’s as if they were saying “yo man…let’s go…we’re waiting! It was a matter of flying hooves and mud as they rifled past me and onto the open back yard, b breezing past the lake and buildings to the area by the house where the chickens are usually fed leftovers from the house. The Sheep make a bee line to that spot, looking for food. The alpacas and Max the Llama run along, just to run along, because they never eat any of the stuff thrown out anyway.
Once there, they slowly walk to the back gate where they can enter the west yard, by the garden. Once there…they find old vegetation, thrown over the fence, from the garden. Unfortunately there is little left in there to be thrown over to them anymore……  

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