Wednesday, October 31

 Gladys wouldn’t come into the barn last evening. I therefore expected to see the eight family members on the lake this morning. It seems that if she goes in at night, they do not come the next day. When she will not come in, they arrive early in the morning to stay the day with her.
You can see her injured wing hanging down yet, but it doesn’t bother her at all. She is healthy, but simply cannot fly…even a few feet.
We believe that somewhere along the line, her family of eight, including her mate, will leave to fly south. 
I think they would have left by now, had it not been for Gladys’ injury, so when they finally accept that she will not be able to accompany them, they will probably leave and Gladys will be the second, official Canadian goose of the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm. Perhaps her mate will choose to stay with her and he will become the third! It’s possible!!!

This is stark evidence of what is coming. The withered sunflower standing with its head down, as if to say, “I’m so old and ugly”, beckons for pitiful relief from its agony, which can only be granted by the beginning of winter. Jack Frost made his appearance a few weeks ago, killing everything in his path as he appeared…slinking through our area in the still of the night. He actually committed his dastardly deed a bit early this year, leaving his victims to linger about in agony, awaiting Winters relief, which  lets them finally lie flat upon the earth...given up.
We are only half way through fall, so enjoy
 it…because at exactly 6:12 AM on December
21st winter begins and then it is too late to do anything but move into the Christmas Holiday spirit. 

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