Wednesday, October 31

 Well now...two days after Sandy blew through, I finally noticed that we had some storm damage of our own. Obviously the high winds tore our canopy for the swing on the rear deck. It completely ripped it to shreds! I guess it’s not such a terrible thing, because the material was old and rotted, so really…a summer thunderstorm would have done the same thing, so in the end, I’m only kidding about the damage.

 This must be a good, safe place to bed down when you’re tired or sleepy. Putty Tat is a highly regimented and vigilant cat…not one to be surprised. She is so careful and attentive at all times that no predator will ever catch her off guard. She was taught well and she learned well. Putty Tat is a very vicious and voracious hunter, spending days at a hole she has witnessed something enter. She waits patiently through wind or rain, from a vantage point advantageous to her attack when the critter emerges again. Nothing escapes her attention. The fact that she seems so scary, is one’s mistake in judgment…for she is simply being cautious to her surroundings and living in a house with four dogs, a Mother that hates her and an aunt that constantly ambushes her (playfully) and the fact that we sometimes dog sit for friends, adding a strange dog to the mix here, I can understand her demeanor.

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