Tuesday, October 30

Vick was at our friend Paula’s house this evening, doing a Mosaic project in her work shop. It’s a cool looking chicken made from glass and tiles. Something new and different that Vick really likes. While there, she got to see the ducks we hatched here on the farm and gave to Paula and Michael…her son. He slept with them the first week and through doing so, they imprinted on him and Paula so much…that now they are like little puppies. They run up to them and want to cuddle and sit on their laps. It’s funny…we have somewhere around 65 ducks that we have bought hatched or raised and NONE of them come close to us. In fact, if we get too close to them, they go ballistic and act like we might kill them…yet Doodles, the wild Canadian goose can be picked up and he will love and “kiss” you gently with his bill. Go figure…
If you look at the you tube video below, you can believe that they remember Vicki too. 

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