Tuesday, October 30

     The day after. As always, a new beginning in some places, for I’m sure that hurricane Sandy has damaged and destroyed many people’s lives and properties. Here, we were spared any damage. To my knowledge, we didn’t even lose power, though we did have a few flickers last evening at the time of the wind’s most powerful gusts.
This morning began as any other and continued on as all others before it. I suppose the birds and animals wondered why we didn’t free then yesterday and I’m sure Gladys and Doodles are awaiting my arrival at the bunny brothel, so they can exit there and head for the lake.

There are still some pretty strong gusts of wind occasionally, but I’m not afraid of the projected 25 to 36 mph winds coming and I don’t think the geese or ducks will be either. After all, they don’t fly all day long, they float…and if the wind pushes them from end to end on the lake, I don’t think they’ll care as much as hate being locked in again all day long.

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