Monday, October 29

Monday, October 29, 2012…@10:45 Pm…

This is a GIF that I made of the rattling trees and whisking clouds early this afternoon. This has nothing to do with the hurricane winds yet…but rather the two other low pressure systems crossing us now…which will crash into and join the hurricane somewhere south of us. Once it joins with Sandy, it will be hurled back into our face tomorrow morning sometime…..worsening all day long I guess.Below is another a little later..

 We all get worked up over the forecast of the coming storm. And why not? It was just a bit more than a year ago that we sat comfortably awaiting a weekend of rain...left overs, if you will, of hurricane Irene. It wasn't going to be much out of the ordinary...just a day or two of rain, heavy at times, but simply rain. We expected to see a little flooding in the low areas, as usual, but not anything much out of the ordinary. WOW... were we in for a disastrous surprise that none of us would get over very soon. flooded basements, houses and towns washed completely away and tens of millions of dollars damage. We still have roads and bridges that remain closed. 
Now with all this in mind, why would we let ourselves be upset, showing just a little anxiety over what is coming right at us this time....a mere 160 miles from the ocean, when Irene was coming from the gulf coast across all those states in between.   

Here we have Gladys and Doodles milling around in the dry confines of the bunny brothel. You see dinky and another of the Peking ducks looking on. They seem quite content to ride this storm out in the building, unlike most wild Canadian geese. Pretty smart I think. A group of eight other Canadian geese still come almost every day to sit with Gladys when she is outside. It’s funny…they seem to fly over to check if Gladys is still here and she beckons to them and they answer, then come in for their landing…chattering and honking, to stay the day or maybe only an hour before bidding her adieu and they’re off for parts unknown. It’s simply amazing how they stick by one another, checking on her every day…and her mate sits very close beside her even if the rest leave. He sometimes comes and stays a day or two with her before leaving. 

Now here’s a picture for prosperity… Every day that I enter the hen house and go for eggs, these two are snug as a bug in a rug with each other in a nesting box. It is true that there is strength in numbers, because they make it hard to get the eggs from beneath them without a bloody hand. They are content to sit there all day long like this if undisturbed…... 


The gang is locked in today to protect them from the miserable elements and the driving rain. We will also hold them all day tomorrow so none of them are in the windy conditions, have lots of food and clean water and a dry place to cuddle up and hunker down while this hurricane blows over.

Now this is about the cuddliest looking place in the barn. Every one of the boys are enjoying the quiet, dry conditions here… ALMOST like a comfy bedroom, except they have lots of clean dry hay…lots of water and music on the radio. Now what more could you want? Judging by these guys……nothing!

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