Sunday, November 11

This morning we’re going to finish up with a bunch of things needing completed before Tuesdays trek to the hospital…especially since I’ll be out of commission for awhile. Oh, I’ll be walking the same day they do the surgery, but I’ll not be carrying feed and bags of pellets for awhile, so I’m trying to get everything in place, to make life as easy as possible for Vick, since I’ll be her crippled hubby for awhile.
Anyway, want to see a bunch of lazy dogs? Hum, how about a bunch of SMART dogs; sleeping on a soft leather couch, in front of a nice gas fireplace?
Today’s HIGHLIGHT: Vick’s mouse! She has hand felted this cute white mouse and it will be coming out of a Christmas stocking. I’ll post a picture of the finished project, but that might be a day or so. There is also a picture of her mosaic glass project she did at Paula's studio. It's hung in the living room and looks great!
We will have the gift shop open again today and she will be manning it as I load another two ton of wood pellets into the tractor shed. I did one ton yesterday after moving a bunch of furniture and a door out of the way, but today I’ll move my metal brake to the boathouse and then I will have all the room I need for the last two tons of pellet bags.
Look how the boys are enjoying their time in the barnyard with their new round bale of hay we placed in there yesterday. Even that can’t prevent their nosiness at the arrival of Judy and her dog Miss Kitty, later in the afternoon.

Our neighbor Ken will be over today sometime to move his trailer into the barnyard, where I will then load it with lots of chicken doody; enough to put all over his garden to soak in during the winter and be ready to till under in the spring. Maybe he’ll be smart and put it on now and till it into the dirt and then do it again in the spring with alpaca doody. That works GREAT!!!
I better get moving….I have to open the gift shop at 10:00 AM.

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