Sunday, November 11

Okay…here we are a third of the way finished with moving the wood pellets into the tractor shed after packing a ton away last evening. Whew…one hundred of those forty pound bags will sure make the old arms and back ache today…not to mention these bum legs that can hardly carry me anymore! I took a small break to take care of a customer in the gift shop after the first ton was away…and even though she didn’t want to buy anything…she cheerfully gave us a fifty-one dollar donation for hospice.

When she left, I was ready to get busy again…finishing the job of putting the last ton of pellets away.

By the time I was done, my leg, arms and back were shot…but my, what a feeling of accomplishment and contentment in knowing we had all those bags of pellets to keep us warm throughout those cold winter nights.
Pellets, gas and a snowblower...ready for winter?

Isn't that a beautiful pile of pellets?

Imagine how I felt when I entered the house after putting one hundred of those forty pound bags into the shed…especially when met with this picture upon entering the house.
Didn’t I ask a few days ago; “What’s wrong with a dog’s life?” I’m waiting on an answer…  
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