Monday, November 12

Today is the long awaited day of reckoning for this lousy knee problem. I call this evening sometime to receive my final orders for the surgery. I have medical clearance from everyone involved and will report to the hospital tomorrow sometime. Surgery will take place tomorrow….sometime. I will be in the hospital and will have my kindle fire with me…Whether I feel like blogging or not will remain to be seen and if I would be able to post pictures will remain a question too. In any event, I will be home on Friday if all goes well, so I’ll blog from here within four days at the most I guess.
We have taken care of almost everything needed in my absence from action….with the exception of readying the turkey cages for their use on the 19th when we take the turkeys to be processed. We’ll move the cages down today and install permanent hinges on each. I’ll also remove the little waterfall thingy on the rear deck today too.
I’ll make my final post this evening and possibly a few in between.
In the mean time…enjoy these pictures I snapped this morning……
Sun flower seed anyone? Popular with the Chickadees
The ravages of chickens on a pumpkin...
Another in waiting...
A whole little community all summer long...
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