Monday, November 12

We were wrong…Gladys is back!

 This morning I looked out the bedroom window and there she was…in all her glory. Obviously as I had mentioned to Vick…perhaps she wasn’t caught by a fox or coyote….but rather that I had scared her enough to leave. Perhaps when I was trying to herd her into the barn with the tractor, she was scared enough to not feel secure here any longer and she took off for the safety of the brushy swamp. Obviously, that is what she did and I’m amazed that she survived that decision. She obviously is very, very careful when it is dark and doesn’t move a muscle or make a noise which would attract a predator in the night. In any event…..we’re pleased she is back and will not harass her again. Hopefully when the ice is frozen, she will cooperate and come into the safety of the barn. 

And there she was....

Doodles was extremely happy to see Gladys...
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  1. Glad that she made it back safely.

  2. Hooray! So happy Gladys is back. It is a good day indeed.


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