Friday, November 30

Today we’re off to Ciani & Morris in Greenville to enroll in their outpatient physical therapy program for a few days. I’m sure that when they see my daily progress, they will release me to my own program here at home and the formal part of this operation will be complete. My doctor was well pleased and my physical therapist from Eddy was more than satisfied with my progress yesterday and signed off, making yesterday her last in-home visit. We’ll go down and sign up and see how it goes. Simply speaking, everything is improving daily…My desire to get out and do things, sets my drive to get there. Sitting in the house on the couch watching TV all day long has grown old…way too old! I was feeling worthless to Vick, who has been running full speed, all day long doing what needed taken care of, with little or no time to herself at all. At the end of the day, she was beat and looked it. I’m still limited in what I can do, but feeding and watering the animals shouldn’t be too difficult and I have all day to do it. I’ll carry the good camera and get some everyday pictures to post along with a short blurb….

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