Thursday, November 29

Wow, this has been a stellar day for me! I expanded my range so much today….from walking the back driveway, down the road and into the loop driveway to call it one lap…probably at least ⅛ of a mile or so… but fifteen minutes for sure. So what…I didn’t make the ½ hour the Doctor wanted…but tomorrow is another day and besides, I did the upstairs barn door repairs and hung the wreath on the front doors. I did the therapy session and got my flex degrees all the way to 100°…GOOD to say the least, so I’m happy with that and the ease with which I can move about compared to yesterday. This evening, I cleaned the pellet stove, refilled it and relit it to remove that burden from Vick. Each day is getting better and better and my stamina is returning rapidly. Hope for more to report tomorrow. Here is a nice stained glass piece Vick made for our family practitioner, Dr. Hubicki…he has gone over the top with medical care and compassion, working with Vick on a Sunday evening phone discussion while I was going through the morphine reaction and making sure there was a special prescription at the pharmacy immediately Monday morning. Most are mad that you bothered them on a weekend at home…..

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