Sunday, December 30

Coming Soon.......

We are only one day and a few hours away from a new year!

Wow, what a bittersweet year this last three hundred and sixty five days have been for us here. We spent a dry, hot summer trying to get as much done as possible with many other, more important tasks at hand.

We lost Vick’s father to cancer early in the summer despite our best efforts to deal with the illness. He did constant doctors visits and many emergency procedures to give him as much time possible, but ultimately, we lost the battle…and him.

We dealt with my constant knee problems until November thirteenth, when I went under the knife and had a total knee replacement. All went well with the surgery, but the morphine created a week of havoc and sickness that was ten times worse than the surgery.

I continue to try making contact with my Dad regularly, but fail to make the connection most of the time. He is very happy and actually pretty busy at the home in Pennsylvania, where he resides. He is fighting his battle with sugar and gives up little pieces of himself to that end…Recently they amputated his big toe and now he had an open, ever growing sore on the heel of his foot. I dread knowing we are losing him piece by piece too, but it is not limited to the sugar, for he also has Parkinson’s disease…so in time I will be talking to a stranger if I can talk to him at all. Some days he does well and others he is out there somewhere…living in his own little world, but happy. If there is one expected bad thing to happen this coming year…I picture him involved with it somehow. Who knows though…I could be wrong, very wrong because he is a tough old bird and could hang in there a long, long time. Life goes on…..    

We are a little over eight weeks and I still have nagging pain at night which prevents sleep unless the leg is in a favorable position on a pillow. It get better daily, as expected.

We have experienced these and many more setbacks, along with some pretty significant advancement throughout the past year. As this year slowly dwindles into only hours remaining…we look forward to the coming year for more advancement in our lives.

We plan to build the farm store this summer…keeping it a labor of love, keeping it a fun project rather than a nagging task before us.

Perhaps we will also build the tool shed/welding building out back also. That would surely be a needed addition that will open up so many other buildings to their original intended purpose. We now have tools scattered to the four winds and spend as much time hunting tools as performing the job.

Yes, I’m definitely ready for Tuesday, January first, two thousand thirteen and plan to usher it in with high expectations of what his coming year will provide.

Yesterday I plowed snow as Vick fed and watered animals in the barn. After getting almost five more inches, I’ll need to plow again today.

Vick plans to open the gift shop…which at the worst will be lighting a fire inside to enjoy the quaint swirl of smoke coming from the chimney of no one stops in.

Below are some pictures of last evening’s snow squalls just before dark. They provide a rare, quaintly blue hue of tranquility in the face of a snow storm. The last several pictures I took this morning… Brrrrrrr, it’s cold and windy out there…a whole 21°


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