Wednesday, January 2

Another year…

It began quietly in our house. New Years Eve was spent going to a local restaurant…The Hollow Brook Restaurant, which is two miles from our house…just around the corner. We were there at 7:00 for our reservation and had their dinner special and a coke to celebrate. I actually brought my dessert home, for I was too full to eat it then. We arrived home safe and sound around 8:45 or so. We were in bed, sound asleep before the New Year actually arrived.

Like I said…Another Year!

We haven’t done a lot of things outside beyond actually removing enough snow to function and the animals haven’t appreciated going out either. We open the doors and the ducks make a bee-line for the little pond, which remains open due to the basement sump pump discharge water entering that little pond. That 55 water keeps the little duck pond from freezing until the very coldest temperatures. Ducks are Looney and would trek out on the coldest day, looking for open water to plop into and swim around. With no thawed spots left, they will simply swim in the snow as if it were water. Goofy birds!!! How their feet keep from freezing solid confuses me.  

The chickens stay inside looking out…as if to say, “are you nuts…it’s cold out there…we’re not coming out!”

Oh, a few chickens might venture out for a few moments…peck around at the bare spots on the ground and then run back inside, but they mostly prefer to stay indoors in this kind of weather.

Me, I’m like the chickens. I want to stay inside and sit in front of the pellet stove where it is nice and warm.

Spring time is coming… but I’ll keep stoking the pellet stove, thank you………..

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  1. Hi guys - it's been so long since I've been around to visit you. Your blog is looking great and it sounds like everyone is doing well. I see you are in to more endeavors - I'll be checking them out. I always wondered how ducks & geese don't freeze to death in the winter while swimming about. Take good care, until next time. Happy 2013.

    1. Nice to hear from you Lisa. We seldom find the time to visit like we should and would like also. Hope to change that this year. Happy New Year to you and yours too!


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