Thursday, January 3

As the dawn breeches the blackness of abysmal night, the New Year has crept from our disappearing past, that things will proceed as if nothing ever changed, surely witnesses the prolific grander of our universe, since all things end as others begin…time marches on, for dark clouds usher renewed sunshine after a storm, thus has the arrival of this year trumpeted from afar.

Yes, 2013 has arrived and we are puttering about as if nothing has happened. Will you continue to write 2012 for the next three to six months as I will do?

It happens every year. Just as I become used to writing the correct year, we approach the coming New Year and it begins all over…renewed.

We all wonder what this year will bring beyond our own personal control…you know…what is in store for our country, the economy and things like these which is of interest to all of us. Sometimes I wonder what is in the heads of our politicians…not just any one party, but all politicians in general. Will they all fill their own pockets and continue their present course which seems like all for me and the hell with everyone else? Perhaps it is foolish to think that any of them can change the tide of greediness they seem to now possess. I once made the statement that a good politician is either a dead one or a ruined one, for it is my belief that the corrupt group is like a den of thieves. No one trusts the others and is afraid to rock the boat, because if you do…the rest will find a way to silence you to protect treasures and their way of life.

Anyway, my wish for this year is that all things work out and the world finds peace…good, unselfish, true leadership and caring about…and for one another.

If you are free and have time and resources to spare, adopt a child…or a dog…or a cat. Care what is going on around you and help in any way you can. If you are a wall flower in your community, look around and see if you can help make a change for the better.

Volunteer to help a charity or donate and support it directly by financial gifts if you cannot personally impact it by doing something physically.

Nothing makes your day brighter than volunteering and helping someone in need.

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