Monday, December 3

Good Morning…It is always a good morning if you wake up and entirely better if you feel good when you do. Above is a picture I snapped at 6:00 AM this morning. It is the beautiful wreath on the upper doors of the barn. How pretty it is in the darkness….
I have trouble sleeping right now, which I blame of the pain medicines I’m using.
I’ll tell you one thing though…I didn’t feel real great when I opened my Blue Cross/Blue shield letter last night. It very casually, in a really businesslike manner, informed me that my rate will be increased 24% starting with my next month’s payment. I knew it was coming…
Anyone who took the time to look into the Obamacare package had to know it! With this in mind, I think we should understand that WalMart is in the news for doing the very same thing, except they are passing their cost for Obamacare to the government by denying their employees insurance any longer. The people that will lose it work less than 40 hours a week and make peanuts, so the government will provide their insurance free and WalMart has done nothing that all the other smart businesses will do. Watch and see…………..
In my case, the BC/BS insurance company passed the Obamacare increase right down to me. THANKS everyone who voted for Obama! I’m sure yours is coming. How do I know? Simple…you cannot give someone something of value unless you have a way of getting it, so all the wonderful things Obama gives to everyone…i.e., health care, cell phones, free cell phone minutes, free education, whether viable to the recipient or not and every other thing that goes to low income people that don’t work, but eat like kings is money out of someone’s pocket… and I’m starting to feel the hand of the government in my pocket too much.   Crap…what was a good morning, sure doesn’t seem quite the same now…..

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