Tuesday, December 11

Just a quick note this morning to let you know that all is well here and I will not be home for awhile, as I have an appointment with my cardiologist at 1:00 PM this afternoon for a resting transthoracic echocardiogram.
This all came about as a result of my needing a cardiologist’s clearance for the knee surgery, since I had two heart attacks in 1995. It now looks When I return, I’m going to replace the starter motor on the tractor so it doesn’t continue to be a miserable &$))#&%$% to start. Amy had trouble the last time she cleaned the barn when she forgot and shut it off, and then couldn’t get it started again. I hobbled out with my cane and restarted it for her. Once the new three hundred dollar starter is on, the problem will go away. (just like the three hundred dollars did!)  

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