Thursday, December 13

Morning dawns…the night disappears into but a memory, replaced by the sun’s greeting for the day. Gladys was sitting on the ice, in the middle of the lake. Not as safe as she might think, because soon that very ice she was sitting on will be thick enough to hold the body weight of a fox or coyote. Since her wing is broken and she cannot fly, she holds blind faith in her ability to elude a predator as she probably did many times before breaking her wing here a few months ago. I fear for her safety and the unguided security she believes she has. One day I will not see her, but will find a bunch of feathers…mute testimony to the poor security she actually possesses. Perhaps we could leave the gates open so that Max could respond to a commotion and protect her, but I fear he might tread onto the ice and fall through, drowning in the night. Not a pleasant thought either. I guess things will be as they will be. That is how it has been in the past and will continue to be in the future, for we actually have little impact on the actual ways of nature.
I was just watching a documentary on National Geographic TV, called “Witness Katrina”. The show was set in Louisiana and Mississippi. Funny, looking back I can remember how everyone persecuted ol’ George Bush because FEMA did such a poor job of responding to the needs of the people in that gulf coast city in the midst of that hurricane destruction.
Just now, I read how FEMA in New York and New Jersey are not housing the homeless victums of Hurricane Sandy. Huh…Obama was there with Chris Christy...making an appearance and promises to take care of thoise people suffering in the wake of Sandy's destruction...just before the election…but where is he now? The election is over…he won…and he should have lots and lots of time to make sure that FEMA does what it didn’t do for poor Ol’ Georgie… I wonder why we do not hear the public outcry for Obama to do what he promised.
Hummmmm… I guess perhaps…they are all the same…or they are both victims of the bureaucracy around them as they continue to assume those emergency agencies will do as they are supposed to. I wonder; though at my age, I try not to wander too far! Perhaps I could get lost to easily now days.  

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