Tuesday, December 25

Silent Night…Holy Night; in the early morning light, one could see the silence and knowing it was Christmas morning, it was automatically holy to me.

There is a new skiff of snow on the ground and it looks very much quaint and country out there. There are no tracks in the snow to detract from the beauty of new. Nothing to destroy the virgin morning anew…The day we choose to celebrate the birth of the Christ child.

Some say Jesus existed but was not the messiah that Christian history claims. Some say Jesus was a scholar and a Godly man, but not the savior that Christians claim him to be. To me, I wonder.

No, I do not wonder if Jesus was really God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus…nor do I wonder if Jesus was really crucified and arose from the dead on Easter Sunday.

No, I wonder why any other religion that worships the very same God as me, would want to take the chance and deny that Jesus was in fact the same God they worship…a trilogy…Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Does it really matter that we choose to believe that God gave his only son… (Jesus…himself) to die on the cross for our sins and the Holy Ghost (himself again…) arose to bear witness to God’s great power. After all, we are not bearing false witness or worshiping any graven images…we are talking about the same God.

I do not find fault with any other religion, nor feel that everyone should believe what I do, but I do believe I should be able to expect the same in return. I respect everyone else’s beliefs and their Holy days or celebrations, but I find mine forced aside and dwindling more and more.  

With this in mind, I ask that all creatures of God unite and become tolerant of his fellow man…who worships the one God almighty in the way they choose…against all others objection. Love they neighbor and do unto them as you would have them do unto you this holiday season.

Merry Christmas…Peace on earth, good will to mankind everywhere this Christmas morning.       

Last evening Vick’s Mom and sister-in-law and kids were here for dinner. Her brother had to work until eight o’clock in the evening, so we sent a nice cooler of food home for him to eat when he got home.

Today, we travel to the mountain…to their house for dinner, so the animals will not be turned loose to freeze in the new fallen snow, but will spend their time in the cozy barns we provide them. There is three inches of nice dry, warm wood chips that the ducks and chickens nest in, the alpacas sleep on warm rubber mats and the bunnies are cozy in their hutches, so I doubt that any of them will care since they will have lots of food and water and a warm place to snooze the day away.

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