Monday, December 24

The REASON for the SEASON.....

So here we are…..the day before Christmas…Yes the official Christmas Eve and who’d even know it?

Christmas is not at all like it used to be. I surfed the channels on the TV this morning from 6:00 AM until 8:45 and found only one Christmas program that hasn’t been shown twenty five times (usually four time an evening on Hallmark or AMC) in the last two weeks.

Where are the old movies about the nativity and the birth of Christ? Why can’t we at least humor the Christians the day before and the day of Christmas?

Each year it gets worse and worse in my eyes…and in my heart. I must constantly withdraw into my memories, further and further, trying to relive the joys of the season in the way I used to years ago. You don’t see many people dressed for the holiday, nor do you see Christmas songs or carolers being sung like you did years ago. The stores used to cater to the old style, quaint and traditional Christmas...but today they throw up some lights and docorations in late August or September. I hate seeing Christmas items on the shelves by mid October. It’s no wonder people are tired of Christmas before it arrives!

Vick has a greater Christmas spirit than I do, because she is constantly busy decorating and making goodies to fill boxes for our friends. It kind of makes me sad and ashamed that I can’t get over the hump of change, for some change we cannot control or help, but there is a lot we can control and I’ve not done my part to perpetuate the season.

Losing loved ones that held the joys of Christmas near and dear to their hearts certainly takes a toll on those left behind when they pass. I have not enjoyed Christmas since my Mom passed away almost ten years ago. She held Christmas in her heart year round and was always ready to trim the tree and decorate the house from one end to the other as she hummed or sung Christmas songs.

Years of not having your children around you is a real bummer too…and dealing with another person’s kids during Christmas just isn’t the same either, though it makes it slightly better than not having any kids at all during the season. If there is a lack of children altogether…then Christmas pales in comparison to a house with excited kids running and playing as they anxiously await Old Saint Nick on Christmas Eve.

Well, I guess if we cannot be with excited kids during Christmas Eve, then I guess it’s up to Vick and I to make the event something memorable for eachother by enjoying one another's love and company. I must tell her I'm sorry for leaving her alone in her Christmas spirit to this point and change this Eve and tomorrow for her...and with her!

We will have the hospice gift shop open today from 10 till 4 for those who waited until the last minute to buy a gift for that loved one they forgot. We enjoy being in the gift shop and it is for a very good cause, so we don’t see anything wrong with being there today.  

In the spirit of love, peace and these gifts of our Lord, Merry Christmas to all…followed by a happy New Year.

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