Saturday, December 22

Well…I’ve lived to see another day. Not that I didn’t expect to in the first place, but I noticed that time didn’t stop, gravity didn’t disappear…throwing us all into outer space as the planets aligned. There were no evil solar flares threatening to melt us into oblivion as many people believed was about to happen. Yes…the Mayan calendar is finished…but the world is not.   

From Russia to California, thousands were preparing for the fateful day of Friday, December 21, 2012, when many believed a 5,125-year cycle known as the Long Count in the Mayan calendar supposedly came to an end and would result in the end of the world. Many used all their wealth and belongings to prepare for this apocalypse of the ages…only to wake up today broke and stupid looking.

One had better only believe in God almighty and his love for the earth. If all believed and followed his wishes, we would live in blissful happiness and fellowship with one another and our earth. Instead, we poison the earth that sustains us and allows us to live.

I believe that all the changes we see in weather patterns are a direct result of the destruction we wreak upon the world with our selfish ways…and one day soon, there may be an apocalypse…one we caused all by ourselves. History repeats itself and when we decide to continue in a direction that clearly previews oblivion… can we complain of our destination? We continue to inject zillions of cubic yards of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, creating a blanked which traps the suns heat, which constantly causes our earth’s temperatures to rise, melting the polar icecap and changing our weather.

Will we ever learn?

Yesterday was a mess… we had massive rains and flooding of local streams, so I know the larger streams and rivers were rampant! I hope there was little or no damage to people’s health or properties…especially this close to Christmas.

Included are miscellaneous pictures snapped yesterday, showing some of the flooding. 
At first light in the morning....

Later in the day as the flooding increased...


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