Friday, December 7

The days come and go as I recover more and more every day. I continue to do many more strenuous tasks daily, with the end of each day bringing a renewed level of exhaustion. Although I am pushing the envelope of recovery, I am careful not to actually overdo it. Vick keeps a constant eye on me and joins in with some of the activities when she can. As soon as we are back under control and don’t have to run so much, we will be walking a half hour daily to increase my leg muscles and regain my strength, trading the flaccidity for renewed muscle structure. Each day is a new beginning and each new day is received with a vigorous anticipation of more to come and my being able to begin handling the tasks of the farm which Vick is now saddled with, on top of her regular daily tasks. We shared in caring for the animals for the last two days and today, I released all the animals myself. Vick made sure the bunnies had new water bowls and retired the water bottles for the winter before she dropped me off at the physical therapists office for my routine. This afternoon, we met Vick’s printer at Colonie, where she was working today. Vick dropped some watercolor originals for Kim to take back to her studio in Schenectady where she will shoot and catalog the originals so she can make high quality art prints at a moment’s notice. Kim will return the originals to Vick along with a catalog disc of the shootings. We stopped at a Japanese Hibachi restaurant where we had an All-U-Can-Eat buffet from a wondrous Sushi menu. Below are a few pictures of the restaurant and the cuisine. We left there with a full belly and a $30.00 tab! (but it was delicious…)   
Butterfly Roll...Tuna, Yellow Fin, Salmon and fish roe.
Crab Rangoons and Pork Katsu
The sushi bar in action.....
Love the bar lighting and overhead lighting. Beautiful!!!
Tomorrow we will again open the hospice gift shop at ten o’clock and hope for Christmas shoppers until four in the afternoon. We will also open on Sunday morning at ten too.    

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