Saturday, January 12

Boy do we miss summer...

Boy when it rains it pours!
We got up this morning and it was raining pretty hard. There was a lot of fog hanging in the air that made it really hard to see.

I got into the car and went down to Greenville to put the signs at the junction. On the way home I stopped at West road and route 32, where I placed another sign stating that the hospice gift shop was open today. When I got back to the house I build a fire in the woods stove in the gift shop, put the assorted signs out along the road and came into the house for a cup coffee.
While I was doing all this, Vick went into the barn, fed and watered all the animals on the normal morning chores list. There were still three chickens that were sick, but the remainder of the flock appears to be much healthier today. Vick decided to extend the antibiotic treatment by one more day just for the three chickens that still had the eye problems. By tomorrow we should be ready to wean them off of the antibiotic.
We both put our shoulder to the grindstone today and labored on the tax items and books related to the farm and to the hospice gift shop. As soon as we get these items all completed, we can send copies to our accountant and have our schedule F completed. We can then turn them into the Greenville town hall to recertify for our farm status. Once that is completed we will be well on our way to being able to have our 2012 income tax return completed and hopefully receive a refund.
Last evening we were so excited to go into Albany for the buffet at the Polish community center. They have the buffet once every month. What a disappointment that was!!! It certainly was not worth the $34 and some odd cents they charged us for our two meals and two drinks. The quality of the food was definitely not as good as the food we got in New Jersey at a Polish restaurant. There we had borscht soup and pounded pork chops along with delicious potato perogies.
With last night being such a disappointment, we decided that tonight, we would stop at a new Chinese restaurant in Catskill. This place called “Chop Sticks” and has been recommended by friends who have eaten there already and enjoyed it. Since we have to go to Catskill anyway to pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy, it certainly will not be out of our way.
I’m disappointed that UPS did not deliver my snap disc thermostat for the pellet stove. It would be so nice to have a comfortable fire with the damp cold weather outside. Like I said, when it rains it pours!

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