Monday, January 14

God's Beauty Abounds.....

Last evening my knee was really aching. It’s as if the fog and coolness outside is causing it to be irritated to the point where the muscles are stiff and sore. I went to the basement and did a 10th of a mile on the elliptical runner and then moved to the treadmill where I did about 10 minutes of solid walking without any trouble. I thought perhaps I should not push it any harder tonight, because I could pay dearly in the middle of the night by not being able to sleep. Sometimes no matter what I do I cannot find a comfortable position in bed and it feels like the knee joint is stressed and my muscles around the knee ache. Well, I did the walk and we’ll wait to see what happens.

We still have three sick chickens that may or may not be getting better. All the rest seem to be back to normal and are very active, running around as usual. Once Vick saw that almost all of the chickens were back to normal, she pulled the medicated water and replaced it with regular, clean water. We must now wait four days before we can use their eggs from that barn to sell to our customers. Although the chickens were laying eggs all along in that barn, you can bet that only the healthy chickens were actually the only ones laying eggs anyway. Even so, we are not prepared to take the chance that an egg with antibiotics would be sold to one of our customers. After all, they were all exposed to the treated water. We have a reputation for good quality, clean, healthy and delicious eggs which we will not compromise.

We have not been getting chicken eggs or duck eggs to amount to anything for the last month anyway, so what is another four days? Hopefully the comet pullets that are now a lot healthier will soon begin laying eggs and take us out of this lag in production. We have one turkey laying eggs, when we should have three turkeys laying eggs. Perhaps Tina, the broad breasted bronze turkey, is just too old to lay eggs any longer, but the other Royal Palm heritage bird, should be laying eggs just like its flock mate. Hopefully when the weather breaks, everyone will start laying eggs as they should and we can get back to paying for the chicken feed with the money from our egg sales.

Also we are hopeful that some of our regular customers will begin to buy our meat birds again. We rely on the sales from those to help offset the feed cost also. Perhaps we will sell more maple syrup, honey, and maple Brook Farm cheeses, which will give us a large boost if those items start moving again.

Farming always seems to be feast or famine!

Oh well, today we go to Jordan Su, Vick acupuncturist for her weekly appointment. Vick is actually giving Jordan a treatment after she completes her’s…so they both benefit when Vick goes. I sit in the waiting room or the car and read or snooze. Win…Win…situation any way you look at it!   

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