Tuesday, February 26

FINALLY…..the snow is melting! The temperature out there was
just 32
° this morning
when I let the troop of guppies out to do their business. (I call the dogs
guppies, because they go in a little group, much like a school of fish) and
that was at 7:30. They are calling for a 41
high today…melting the remaining snow, but tonight they are calling for 1-3
inches and then tomorrow another inch during the day and another one overnight.
The temperatures are above freezing temperatures every day, so we all know how
long this snow will last. All this snowing, then melting the next day is
synonymous with March weather though, so we’re right on track I guess.

We have been trying to get WIFI into the hospice gift shop
so I can run the computer on-line to update our QuickBooks program and other
things like Norton’s anti-virus program, which needs live updates run occasionally
to keep abreast of the virus’ out there when we go on-line to do updates,
search pricing or order something. It looks like we are too far away from the
house to use our existing service, so I will have to use a personal hotspot
from my iPhone when I need to go on-line for any reason. Oh well, that better
than paying for a new line into the shop which would be an additional cost to
the hospice program. We don’t feel that expenditures like these are a prudent
way to spend hospice money, even though it is the hospice computer system. I
can buy a cheap little $25.00 WIFI USB attachment that only has a 20’ range and
get by. It’s just a pain in the butt because you cannot walk away with your
phone when updates are taking place or you lose your connection. Oh well, we
have no choice. We use the iPhone out there to process credit card applications
through Pay-Pal too, so the iPhone has really changed business in the gift shop
for us.

Vick has finished another masterpiece which will be entered along
with a few of her other completed art glass pieces in an upcoming Athens Cultural
Center event. We will post it on our website calendar of events as soon as we
have an ironclad date. Below are a few pictures of the (near finished) stained
glass piece. It is a one-of-a kind masterpiece which will be priced somewhere close
to five hundred dollars I’ve heard. It measures eleven and a half inches
across the face of the clock and is an inch thick. It is constructed completely
of glass and solder. All the gears are made of lead solder, painstakingly added
around the perimeter of a circle cut piece of stained glass to create a
lifelike gear. Vick has many, many hours of labor in this amazing piece of
completely hand cut, hand soldered artwork. 

Every gear is a circle of hand cut glass with hand soldered lead making the teeth of the gear...
The jewels are colored glass & the screw heads are solder...
This is a truly One of a Kind piece of quality Stained Glass Art...
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