Wednesday, February 27

Man o man I’m a lucky fellow…I just received a letter from Gateway Investments, Inc. and a check for $3880.00 drafted on The Bank of New York Mellon in Philadelphia. It is only a down payment made to me so I can pay the international service tax and insurance on a total of $550,000.00 that I won in a lottery.

Lucky am I…because I never even entered this lottery! My name was pulled out of a hat or someone’s butt, as the winner of this money. Imagine my luck…me over the billions and billions of other people in this world who could have won instead of me…and I never even entered! WOW…what are the odds?

I called Mellon…not to confirm that the check is good and cashable. I already knew it was…positively good for $3,880.00 cash that could be deposited in my bank account today. I called Mellon to ask why a bank with such a good name would even consider allowing such a scam to occur using their business to conduct and defraud people like this. They insured me that the check was good and all I had to do to get the legal tender into my bank account was to endorse the check and cash it.

I asked, “And what will happen three days from now when this scum bag outfit stops payment on the check and I have to pay it all back to the bank along with the bad check fee AND if I were stupid enough to send them the $2880.00 they wanted for taxes by Western Union and Money Gram?” They replied that that would be between my bank and me. They could not give any further information than the fact that there were sufficient funds in the account to pay off the drafted check I was holding and could not predict what the future would bring.

Ah yes…consider how many people fall for this, especially when you consider how hard it is to make ends meet now and with the economy as it is. Who couldn’t use a few pennies from heaven?

Well I have the check…I have the letter and I have the names of the companies who are involved and all have websites, business locations and everything for the Attorney General or Consumer Protection to nab these bastards. I’m sure that if there is a valid path for the money to get to them; then there is a valid path for law enforcement to intercept them and put them in jail.

If a poor unsuspecting person falls for this scheme, they will be out $6,670.00 in three days, with no recourse for recovery of the funds. Why does this happen over and over to people and no one stops it?     

Tomorrow we should wake up to an inch of snow again!!! They say another inch should come during the day and then another one inch Wednesday evening, into Thursday. I’m tired of snow…and they are calling for more later in the week and into the weekend.

Well, Well, well…. It is now tomorrow (Wednesday) and I’ve taken some pictures of this morning’s surprise ONE INCH OF OVERNIGHT SNOW! Take a look…..
About 1AM this morning...

Out thr rear door...6-1/2 hours later...
7:30 this morning when 1" measured a good 5"....

Looking toward the tractor shed...

A little later in the morning....Still Snowing...

Doggy tracks in the snow...
As you can see, it amounts to far more than they said. Surprise, surprise! The temperature is now 32° and it is raining. We will obviously have some very nice ice if this keeps up and it is to continue with some kind of precipitation all day and all night long into tomorrow. I can’t wait to see tomorrow morning’s wondrous gift.

I guess today we will play it by ear and if the roads and temperatures are favorable… we will AGAIN (for the 4th time) return the WIFI stuff to Staples and continue training them about long distance computer data transfer, internet access and their components which won’t work. They should be paying us!!!

Anyway, I’ve decided to give up and install a cheap WIFI chip and use my iPhone hotspot to go on line from time to time for updates and pricing or ordering.

Come on sun…lets heat everything up and melt this snow!!
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