Tuesday, February 5

I wonder if it will ever end. I can’t understand how people don’t seem to understand what is going on around them because of their rapidly formed, biased views. It seems that once they decide on something, their minds are closed and they never think about the cause and affect of that problem ever again.
I…on the other hand, am constantly looking and thinking about my opinions and beliefs about things that affect all of us. Right now, it's the thing about guns…how to police them, how to make society safer and how to stop the guy who’s cheese has slipped off his cracker, from harming other innocent folks around him.
If one spends any amount of time thinking about human nature…you will come up with the realization that a certain percentage of our society believes we can set laws to be used as guidelines for the way we should interact around the rest of the people in our society. We also understand that there will always be crime...because there will always be lazy, selfish people that would rather lie, steal and cheat someone, rather than work for what they want. Nothing short of incarceration will make them change their ways…and many think that prison time only serves to clinch their criminal ways, rather than change them. I believe a worthless person chooses to be worthless. There are many people that do whatever they can to remain truthful and honest, no matter what fate throws at them. There is always something they can do and somewhere to go for help with training, schooling or funding to get out of the rut you may find yourself in. You don’t have to resort to theft, lying or cheating others to survive.
Likewise, there is a certain percentage of our society that will never stop assaulting people for whatever reason and we will never be able to stop the ways in which they choose to assault these other innocent folks. Outlawing something because there is the potential for using it to commit heinous crimes and attacks on others will never work, because we couldn’t possibly outlaw everything one could use to perpetuate such infractions against mankind. Besides, what we ban in the United States will always be made in other countries and will always be available.
Many addictive drugs are illegal and have been for some time, yet they are readily available on our streets, anywhere in the United States. Any banned guns will be the same thing. Drugs are available if you have enough money to buy them and don’t care about getting caught. Guns will be the same. It doesn’t matter what they ban, if you’re a wanton criminal with enough money, you can get one and use it in an unrestrained manner to wreak havoc on your intended victims.
I believe the approach needed between pro and anti gun people is to sit down and say… “Look everyone, we have a serious problem and we need to get to the root of the problem and find a way to deal with it. We cannot ban the problem…or any tangible object these perpetrators use when causing this problem, so we must find another way. We must put our heads together to find a way to located, categorize and deal with these problems in the future, There is no easy fix…but a comprehensive list of things that we will come up with can be put in place, started and then analyzed for success or failure.” Until we decide to do something such as this, we will simply have a divided society with many thoughts and arguments against violent crime and nothing that addresses the actual events.
Every person alive has the utmost weapon of mass destruction, which cannot be banned. It is intention. Intension by a Jeffery Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, Henry Lee Lucas, Dennis Rader and many others…then, now and in the future will use their deadly intension to commit crimes of their will, be it covert or right out in the open like it was at Sandy Hook. We need to solve the problem, not ban something… A gun made no difference to Jeffrey Dahmer or Jack the Ripper… Let’s concentrate our collective efforts in a better manner…together...and solve something! These people were all known by other people. Some were observed as nuts or problematic…some were not. The ones that were not, were like lightning. They strike without warning and must be dealt with. Many were written off as goofy, nuts, disturbed or eccentric, but not investigated. Perhaps THAT person should not have had any type of weapon, because no one bothered to check to see if his background pointed out that he was “different or potentially violent”. Perhaps our complacency prior to every eruption of mental illness is to blame more so than the actual perpetrator of the crime! Maybe we could start changing in this area first At least that would free up many people’s time and efforts to stop those who are now concentrating on forcing faux actions toward solving problems only to achieve another, more personal agenda.

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